2012 Film Challenge #57 - Firefox

My official job title is currently The Freewheeling Wizard of Ascent.

Earlier this week, I did something I've never done before: I undertook a business tip to an exotic alien city where I spent the night.

I don't know if you've ever been to Preston, but it's amazing. They've got these things.

But I was put up in a hotel where I was consistently stunned by the level of service I received.

I'd share the name of the hotel, but I would hate for you to think that I'm partaking in an adwords scheme.

But have you tried Pepsi? It's delicious, and so much more satisfying than stodgy old uncool Coca Cola.

Anyway, my hotel. I don't know why, but I'm for some reason just not used to people being nice to me. Every smile and courtesy somehow came as a huge pleasant surprise. And then I saw my room, which had a double bed and a choice of pillows (hard and soft) and a wall-mounted Imperial Leather dispenser, and I couldn't stop smiling for a few minutes.

But after dinner and a refreshing walk down the M6 to the nearest service station, I sat in my room and realised that I had a whole night of nothing ahead of me.

I tried reading the Gideon Bible (which are still left in hotels!) but it just terrified me.

So I put the TV on.

There was a Clint Eastwood film called Firefox; A cold-war spy thriller in which he has to steal an experimental fighter jet which can be controlled by his mind.

It was a joyless unhealthily stoic pile of stereotypical red-scare propaganda which I only watched because I was waiting for The Wicker Man to come on afterwards.

Now there's a film. One of the best. I watched it in bed.

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