2012 Film Challenge #21 - Zardoz

Six months ago, I had never even heard of Zardoz. But then those mad old hypnotists at Mounds and Circles dedicated an entire week's worth of updates to its strange, strange world.

Essentially, I defy anybody who's got even a passing interest in film, science fiction or life itself to read through those updates and not want to watch Zardoz immediately.

The Zarikus alone will blow yer mind.

Below is a marvellous summation from Mr. Unmann Wittering himself. I simply could never have put it better myself:

“Long before I ever saw 'Zardoz', I was able to (unin)form an opinion of it based on stills from the production and other people's views of the film, i.e. it looked incredible, but was one of the worst films ever made. When I finally saw it, I was initially disappointed that it wasn't the hilarious spectacle promised but, instead, was hugely ambitious, not always successful, occasionally disastrous, eminently watchable. I've seen it again and again over the years and am proud to say that my informed opinion is that the critics are, as ever, full of shit. 'Zardoz' is a great film in the true sense of the word - big, bold, ballsy, brilliant and jam packed with mad ideas. Does it always work? No. Does it matter? No! It's what Friese-Greene invented cinema for.”

See, I watched this film at midnight having come home from a Johnny Foreigner gig. My ears were ringing and I was ever so slightly drunk. With beer and pretzels, I got increasingly drunk as the film progressed. It was bliss.

The point is, though, that whilst I watched it in a state wholly free from any sanctimonious preconceptions – I wasn't expecting it to be the worst film ever, nor was I willing for it to be one of those “so bad it's good” epics – I just watched this expecting to be entertained.

And I was. Perpetually. For over a hundred minutes.

Zardoz. There's not much like it out there.

It's bloody brilliant – and this is coming from somebody who has nothing to prove in saying that.

And it was less than £5 on Amazon.

It's perhaps the best small amount of money I've spent since I got all of those Moorcock books in one go.

Pure insane class from start to finish.

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