2012 Film Challenge #22 - Alaska

Whilst watching this film with two extremely dear associates of mine, at one point I proclaimed that the more films I watch, the more I realise that, these days, they don't really know how to make films any more. They seem to have simply forgotten how to make films.

Of course, occasionally something comes along that stands out. But take this: Alaska.

This is a classic three star film. It's simple, it's wholesome, it's not really of any consequence at all.

Be that as it may, it's brilliant.

Three star films aren't "brilliant" any more, are they?

It's got a young Thora Birch and a young Pete From Mad Men. It's got Charlton Heston and that man from Twin Peaks. It's got breathtaking scenery, genuinely stunning stunts and an utterly adorable polar bear called Cubby who, ultimately, saves the day like only animals could in the nineties.

This film doesn't insist on itself, and it doesn't really have anything to say about anything.

It's just...really quite ruddy brilliant – as pure as the blankets of snow over which our intrepid heroes trudge.

Or maybe it was just the context in which I watched it – wearing comfy trousers, a massive baggy comfort jumper, drinking a pint of tea and eating bacon with maple syrup washed down with a cup of gourmet coffee.

Yes. Tea and coffee. Almost simultaneously.

And two dear, dear associates.

Who wouldn't want a film like Alaska to watch in such context?

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