DC Ghosts!

I think the entire run of DC's Ghosts comic has been uploaded to the amazing Cover Browser website.

I've not read any of these comics and, in all honesty, I'm not sure if I'd like to. The best of these covers present a chilling and complete story in one beautifully drawn tableau. How could the full stories do anything but disappoint?

Below are my favourites, presented without further comment. With just a brief glance you can see exactly what's happening and, in many cases, the implication is bloody terrifying.


  1. "Those hats are cursed!"

    The Haunted Hotel looks fun, and that ghost in the attic waiting to surprise the kids, ho ho! I saw some of these comics in a shop recently, but they were asking £10 each... Nah.

    1. Ah, there you go. If I could bulk buy I might be tempted. But £10? For one? Maybe if it had a really nice cover.