Haunted Weekend Of Scary Peril

Dispatches from our Halloween party.

Here's yesterday's luminous ghost in his glowing form. We've still not quite got to the bottom of his mouth.

Here's a Black Mass altar we had set up.

Our Halloween costumes. Alex, on the left, is supposed to be the Slender Man and looks amazing. On the right is someone who's supposed to be Manuel Calavera from Grim Fandango. What a loser! Looks nothing like him. At this point it must be mentioned that she who is stood to the left is to take credit for every single photo you see here before you today. Shower her with praise right here.

And here's the end of the mystery, the moment for which you've all been waiting. When droning on about the English Book of Magic, I mentioned that I'd made another purchase in The Works but didn't give specifics. Well, I bought ten ghost-shaped sky lanterns. OK? The intention was to create a grave flotilla at the strike of midnight during the Halloween party. Conditions, though, were too windy. One made it to the sky, three perished and six are just sat there all listless in the utility room.

Some other time.

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  1. You got that skull goblet from Home & Bargain, didn't you! I got one today as well, going to treat myself to a few quarts of blood on Wednesday.

    And your Manny costume's a bit... crap, sorry. Should've worn a suit!